Arkiza*PL (MCO f 09)



Born 01.07.2011

Idalia is a daughter after our GIC Di Caprios Kiss Arkiza*PL and IT SuryaMaineCoon Ronny. This unique, pretty girl is our home diva. Idalia is a grandaughter of FIFe World Winner 2008 Felixcoon Odissea. One grandfather Osculum Ignis Tribu Del Desserto is also a father of TRIPLE FIFE World Winner 2010, 2011,2012 Suryamainecoon Pablo Escobar. Second grandfather ArticCoons Gallatazzarai is a father of FIFe World Winner 2004 MyMine AvPersicum. Idalia’s father is a brother of FIFe World Winner 2010 Suryamainecoon Bonita.

Idalia is fantastic mother of our O3 litter.